We will not sell you The Big Five.
We will not sell you a property for its exceptional commission rate.
We will not sell you an accommodation with low environmental compliance.
We will not consider any unethical product/experience.

We will listen to your wishes, but we will be honest and straightforward about what to expect.
We will let you know about the highlights not to be missed every month.
We will organise for you to work ‘hands on’ with wildlife and be frontline in conservation efforts, if you wish.
We will share the colours of Africa with you, and draw them with you, for your unforgettable experiential journey.

Yes, the market is congested with thousands of travel advisory teams promising the best services, the best value for money, the best spots and unforgettable holidays. It is hard and quite unnecessary to try and make an impression. This is why we will not try to do so.

Monsoon is made by a small team of experts in different fields, who, for decades, lived and explored Tanzania and the Indian Ocean, with still one, or two feet in the area, and with a deep knowledge, love and respect for natural and cultural values.

For our suggested itineraries, we generally prefer to operate with privately owned and run properties, because we believe that the heart and soul of the people making the bush and the sea their homes is palpable and is an extra level of experience. We listen to our colleagues and absorb tips and suggestions, participating actively to the wildlife experts network, and share with our guests first hand relevant information.

We are skeptical, cynical, opinionated, and perhaps too realistic to fit in the ‘standard’ tour operator scenario, and we will not advise you to stay in this or that property or to visit a particular area, if we will not be 100% convinced that our values and ideas are protected.

Monsoon’s team will not make promises, will not sell false expectations and will be always open to listen first to the guests needs and ideas.

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